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Skyline Revolution

Skyline grows, reinvents itself and evolves as Skyline Revolution. Through metal structures, the Skyline of the original collection of Nokte gains height and extension.

A modular system that offers the possibility of obtaining different assembly options, adapting to the aesthetic or operational premises of each establishment.

In addition, Skyline Revolution allows 360º assemblies for the exhibition of the product on two sides.

An elegant, simple and symmetrical design that transmits composition and order.

The series is completed with Skyline GN 1/1 and GN 2/2 boxes with heights of 6,5 cm and 4 cm, available in oak, black and white.

All the elements are optional so the combinations are innumerable.

The objective of the Nokte collections is to connect all the series through an aesthetic line that unites them and allows them to live together in a natural, elegant and with movement way.

To reinforce the concept of Revolution, the collection is presented with compatible pieces from the Navona collection, in addition to Skyline collection.


  • Available products:



    Ref & Colour



    Inferior module L

    REV991 Black

    114 x 34 h 24 cm

    Painted iron

    Inferior module S

    REV993 Black

    61 x 34 h 24 cm

    Painted iron

    Superior module L

    REV992 Black

    114 x 34 h 24 cm

    Painted iron

    Superior module S

    REV994 Black

    61 x 34 h 24 cm

    Painted iron


    REV995 Black

    53 x 28 h 4 cm

    Painted iron

    Round base w/ tube

    REV996 Black

    Ø 30 x 21 cm

    Painted iron

    Anchor set 2 pcs

    REV997 Black

    6,3 x 2,3 x 0,1 cm

    Painted iron

    Left corner

    REV1002 Black

    38,65 x 38,65 cm

    Painted iron

    Right corner

    REV1001 Black

    38,65 x 38,65 cm

    Painted iron


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