A second skin to dress the table and prepare for assembly of tableware, cutlery and glassware.

Skin is a collection of placemats made of composition leather, that brings simplicity and warmth, creating elegant and cozy atmosphere.

Skin’s versatility also makes them an ideal solution as a table’s blotter or for any other function or environment where the aim is to protect the surface creating spaces.

The standard colors are black, leather, grey and nubuck, although there are more varieties available on request.

Check also the possibility to order forms, sizes and thicknesses other than a standard ones.

  • Available products:



    Ref & Colour



    Rectangular Placemate

    SKI524 White
    SKI534 Nubuck
    SKI536 Camel
    SKI532 Leather
    SKI533 Dark grey
    SKI530 Black

    48 x 35 x h 0,18 cm

    Composition leather

    Oval placemat

    SKI528 Nubuck
    SKI537 Camel
    SKI526 Leather
    SKI222 Light grey
    SKI527 Dark grey
    SKI525 Black

    48 x 35 h 0,18 cm

    Composition leather

    Boulder placemat

    SKI538 Nubuck
    SKI539 Camel
    SKI540 Leather
    SKI541 Dark Grey
    SKI542 Black

    48 x 35 h 0,18 cm

    Composition leather

    Round placemat

    SKI990 Camel
    SKI989 Leather

    Ø 35 h 0,18 cm

    Composition leather


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