Rock & Roll

A range of tables designed to make your own composition piecing together different parts and finishes.

These simple products turn the collection into a very functional proposal. All available materials and colours will fit perfect in any space.

Table tops with rounded edges, in two materials:

  • Safety glass
  • HPL, light and resistant to scratching

Two materials with different features that will adapt to each location according to the operational and aesthetic needs.

Folding bases, made of ash wood and available in three heights: 121,5 cm,110 cm, 91,5 cm and three colours: walnut, black and natural. All of them equipped with levelling screw. 

  • Available products:



    Ref & Colour



    High table base

    RCK752 Walnut
    RCK750 Black
    RCK751 Natural

    52 x 52 h 121,5 cm

    Solid ash wood - Tinted

    Medium table base

    RCK1000 Walnut
    RCK998 Black
    RCK999 Natural

    52 x 52 h 110 cm

    Solid ash wood - Tinted

    Low table base

    RCK755 Walnut
    RCK753 Black
    RCK754 Natural

    52 x 52 h 91,5 cm

    Solid ash wood - Tinted

    Table top

    RCK756 Clear
    RCK757 Bronze
    RCK758 Taupe
    RCK759 Slate
    RCK760 Oxide

    52 x 52 h 91,5 cm