Paper folding art now is at the service of food display through Origami.

A collection of removable baskets with a simple and elegant system of clips placed on the base and on the side to fasten each piece.

Origami provides carefully designed volume during the presentation, which is reduced to a minimum after folding, to optimize storage space and facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

  • Available products:



    Ref & Colour



    Detachable tall basket

    ORI180 Black

    20 h 30 cm
    70 x 39 cm (Open)

    Composition leather

    Detachable large basket

    ORI182 Black

    29 h 29 cm
    103 x 43 cm (Open)

    Composition leather

    Detachable small basket

    ORI181 Black

    25 h 25 cm
    84 x 36 cm (Open)

    Composition leather


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