Organics curves wiggle to give life to the unique pieces.

Natural shapes bounded by lines full of expression and movement. A design based on the strength of sensitivity and harmony.

This line consists of two banks in two heights. Pieces that distill a fragile soul due to the smoothness of surrounding curves, but robust and strong essence thanks to a perfect anchorage design.

Organics is the perfect setting for all types of presentations as it is able to create an atmosphere both independently and joining other elements working as a working as a team.

These pieces are made of American solid oak with an oil-based finish suitable for food use.

  • Available products:



    Ref & Colour



    Large bench

    ORG500 Oak

    106 x 30 h 20 cm

    Solid American oak - Food grade

    Small bench

    ORG501 Oak

    75 x 25 h 15 cm

    Solid American oak - Food grade


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